Pregnancy Health:  गर्भको श्वासथ्य 

Pregnancy brings many changes in your body. It is very important to take care of yourself during pregnancy so that your baby can develop. You need to make certain changes for the proper  growth of the baby.

during the nine months of pregnancy you have to take good care of yourself by maintaining the nutrition and also proper exercise . when you are health, your baby will also be healthy. So, collect all the information necessary for maintining your fitness and also consult a doctor .

Consult all the experienced individuals or family members like your mother, mother-in law who have given birth and can advice you in some way or the other. Read books and magazine to know about the pregancy related topics so that you can avert any danger and also find ways to be active and have fun during this time.

What to eat? : 


Fruits and vegetable


Dry fruits



Milk, yogurt

Drink enough water


What not to eat? 


Quit smoking or being exposed to passive smoking


raw milk or eggs

uncooked meat