Eat this, don’t eat that. Work out—but not too intensely! Now that you are breathing, eating, exercising, sleeping and more for two, you’re probably hearing a lot of rules and guidelines about how you should be living life as a mom-to-be. First thing: Don’t worry! Your body is perfectly capable and actually created to do what you ae ding right now: building a life. From food to avoid to healthy habits to incorporate into your pregnancy life style, here’s your one stop shop for everything need to know about staying during pregnancy.

Exercise ‍:

- Always start your exercise slowly, do it slowly and also rlelease it slowly.

- You muust be anle to speak while doing exercise, must not do hard.

- Take time and do it slowly

- After first trimenster do not exercise your backbone.This may strech yor important nerves which will affect your baby.

- Drink lots of water before, during and after exercise.

- Don't exercise while its too hot or too cold.

- Don't play hard games like boxing, footbal, basketball etc.

- If you exercise you will avoid all kinds of normal complications.

- If you exercise during exercise you will easily decrease your weight after delivery.

- If you exercise, you will have no problem while sleeping. and also get gid of depression, restlessness, impatience, etc.

- Increase of self confidence

For working women: