Welcome to pregnancy! This is the part of an incredible journey. To help you we offer information on pregnancy aches and pains, weight gain and nutritions, what's safe during pregnancy and what's not and more - we want your pregnancy period to move on with smile on your face and happiness around.

What you put in your body before you fall pregnant, during your pregnancy and after the birth can affect your baby. Things like eating the right food, knowing what food and drink to avoid, which vitamins are safe and which are not. Also quitting smoking and alcohol are all important things you can do to increase your chances of health pregnancy.


Choose a doctor or mid wife : You will be seeing the doctor mid wife in up coming days frequently so it's important to find the good match.


Decide when to announce your pregnancy: Some women wait until their first trimenster finishes, when the risk of misscarriage drops. Some wait to tell their co-workers or boss to avoid being treated differently at work.


Figure out your finance : They're worth every penny, of course, but babies cost money. Use our calculator to get a feel for how expensive your bundle of joy is going to be in the first year. Then do what you can to get your bucks in a row.


Pay attention to your health : A healthy lifestyle is always important – but when you're living for two, it's that much more vital. So make sure you're getting enough folic acid, start taking a parental vitamin (your healthcare provider can recommend one for you), eat a healthy pregnancy diet, consider a pregnancy friendly exercise routine, and try to get plenty of sleep.


Brace yourself for body changes. You're probably already expecting the amazing expanding belly and va-va-voom breast but other body changes are in store that you may not know about. Be on the lookout for things like thicker hair darkned skin, and acne breakouts – then, later in pregnancy, swollen ankles, strech marks, and varicose veins. You might notice other body and beautychanges, too. Pregnancy affects every woman differently, but knowing what might happen can help you take your particular physical changes in stride.


Follow your baby's development : Your baby is growing and changing incredibly fast. Taking a peek at your baby's development every week can keep your spirits up in the face of those less-than-pleasant pregnancy symptoms.