Vial to child is an electronic system developed by Amakomaya for vaccine recording and manangement. It is an android based application that uses mobile devices like tablet and cellular phones to record the immunization data at the point of service. It encorporates the modern day technology to immunization to give quicker and more reliable database. 




Vial to Child has been implemented in 25 healthpost of Nawalparasi district and 27 health post in Dadeldhura district. Vial to Child is used at the point of service by the health workers to register the immunization records of the children and also record the vaccine details. The digital records can easily be accessed by health workers and identifying the records of a child is even quicker  unlike the traditional means i.e. hand written registers. 


3487 children have been registered till date in the system whose digital records can be viewed in a web based server.