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Impact of Mother and Child Protection (MnCP) Program on Pregnant Women in Rural area
~ 2012-12-30
~ By Amit Batajoo

Dhamanaya Sherpuja from Histan VDC, Myagdi, she is expecting her first baby says, Thank you! For the audio and videos clips about safe motherhood on my mobile�,[national newspaper Kantipur(2012-11-30)] and very much pleased and excited to get pregnancy care information on her mobile that she can see and hear on her free time. At first she was surprised to hear even internet can help her to get such pregnancy related information and now she is egger to learn computer so that she can take the advantages of the, which will help her in her pregnancy period by providing important information about how to care herself and even her family members caring pregnant women. She is thankful to a web-application has been developed and lunched with the support of Internet Society Next Generation Leadership (NGL).
The project was started by the community grant of ISOC Next Generation Leadership (NGL) program. The project developed an online portal which is focused to connect pregnant women and city doctor who are very far from city doctors and FCHV and provide online as well as offline information for the registered pregnant women during their pregnancy period. The contents like video, audio and the articles are in local Nepali language so that it is easy to understand contents. Lila Devi Pun (FCHV), Nagi village says, Such technology will make us easy to explain the pregnant women about their condition” .She was so excited to see such handy tool in internet that is really going to help for them to simplify and make easy to understand the pregnant women aboutthe pregnancy related information easily.
The technology is changing day by day due to the change in the peoples change and demand of the technology on their works. This project is an example of small steps for the revolutionary change on the use of Internet and computer technology on the pregnancy care. This types of web application is not new in the world of Internet,,, ,etc are good example and most popular web application that are supporting and giving all kinds of information to new couples for the steps before the pregnancy and pregnant women during the pregnancy period care and after pregnant care that she should take care.
But these site and application are in International language, which is not easy to understand and read by the most of the pregnant women from remote area in Nepal who are illiterate and cannot read and write in English language properly. This project’s application www.amakomaya is completely in Nepali Languages, makes easy to understand all types contents available in the application. The most interesting part about the contents is that the examples are taken from the common samples available in the village and easy to understand, for example the comparison between the baby size with the common fruits and vegetables grows in village fields. Bishnu Pun, 22 years old from Nagi says that ,’though there are many programs broadcast in radio, FMs and TV but due to her daily household works, she have no time to watch and listen them but now I am happy because she can easily watch the informative contents at any time and take care herself, thank you .

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