Welcome to Amakomaya, your dedicated partner in IT solutions for healthcare. We specialize in developing information management systems tailored to various healthcare needs, including maternal and child health, counseling systems, and a comprehensive management and tracking system. Our commitment lies in leveraging technology to contribute significantly to public health efforts, ensuring efficient information handling and tracking during the ongoing pandemic. As a DHIS2 customizing and training center, we bring expertise to standardize MNCH datasets, profile Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), and implement IT audit systems. Join us on the journey of advancing healthcare technology and interoperability for a healthier future.

Our medical expertise and comprehensive care extend well beyond maternity services. They include a diverse range of solutions and services aimed at addressing various aspects of healthcare delivery. Whether it’s optimizing data management, ensuring the interoperability of healthcare resources, or implementing robust audit systems, we are here to support the broader spectrum of medical needs.

News & Stories

Information that saves lives

Binod Poudel, from the Nepalese village of Dandagaun, recently decided to spend NRs 6,000 (US $60) – a very high sum for local standards – to buy an android mobile phone. His main goal: offer his pregnant wife the opportunity to access the “Amakomaya” website.

Impact of Mother and Child Protection (MnCP) Program on Pregnant Women in Rural area

Dhamanaya Sherpuja from Histan VDC, Myagdi, she is expecting her first baby says, Thank you! For the audio and videos clips about safe motherhood on ..

mBillionth award

On 18th July, 2014, Amakomaya received SPECIAL MENTION award in mBillionth award 2014. The mBillionth award is an annual award ceremony organized by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) not only to recognize and honor the best .......

Rural Women are deleting Songs from their Cell Phone

Anu Gurung, 16 years old from Thulogau, Rasuwa, excited and requested to delete all the collected popular folk songs and music videos from her micro SD card of cell phone.

Relief and Health Camp in Nuwakot

2015 April 25, Nepal Earthquake also known as a Gorkha Earthquake of 7.3 magnitude made a huge effect in most of the part of the country. Killed more than 8000, people, more than 16000 people are injured, and thousands of people were made homeless with entire village flattened, across many district of the country. Katmandu Durbar Square, centuries-old buildings were destroy....

Building partnership

In the quest providing a new source of information to rural pregnant women, Amakomaya program was launched in Bacheuli Village Development Committee (VDC) in Chitwan District on 21st June 2014. The program was held in Jhuwani Community Library amidst VDC chief, health workers, Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHV), pregnant women, library staffs and local residents.

Media Buzz and Coverage

5 ways people bridge divides and build their #IRLDream

Even in the Internet-positive circles we move in, some still dismiss the real life impact of things (especially conversation!) that happen onlinePeople can be quick to pass around this webcomic, which implies that time spent in online communities is trivial.

10 Great Ways the Internet Is Empowering Women Around the World

This year, International Women’s Day will focus on the empowerment of women, highlighting the Beijing Declaration and….

1 World Connected

Amakomaya is a web and mobile application to help women in Nepal address the challenges of prenatal care, pregnancy, and maternal mortality. A team of local engineers and healthcare professionals developed Amakomaya after being awarded a US$ 4,000 grant from the Internet Society (ISOC) in 2011.

Bridging Nepal’s Urban-Rural Divide in Maternal Healthcare

Nepal’s reduction in maternal mortality is one of the major success stories hailing from the World Health Organizations’ Millennium Development Goals. In 1990, Nepal suffered 790 maternal mortalities per 100,000 live births. By 2013, that number dropped an astonishing 76% to190

Android apps for protecting Pregnant mother and infant babies

Through the use of the Internet, pregnant women can register on demand. Through the use of a username and password, pregnant women can securely obtain information about pregnancy through audio, text and video content.

Women in Nepal receive prenatal care via mobile app

In Nepal, it is difficult for expecting mothers to regularly visit their doctors for prenatal health check-ups. They often have to travel a long way on foot to the nearest health clinic, sometimes across very rough terrain. These conditions also make it difficult for local health workers to keep track of patients.Many Nepali women are unaware of the need for regular checkups, or of the……


It was the first pregnancy for 28-year-old Asha (name changed), and her husband sounded worried. Her amniotic fluid was leaking. With urgency, the midwife asked them to visit the nearest health facility. There was no transportation at night near their home in the Chitwan district, and the two decided to wait until..

Amakomaya [Mother’s Love]: mHealth project (Nepal, 2011 onwards)

Amakomaya, translated as Mother’s Love in Nepali, was initiated by a dedicated team of local ICT experts and health professionals when they received a USD4,000 grant from the Internet Society in 2011.

Research Cluster

Research is search for new knowledge which is very use full for development of developing country like India, due to social, economic, cultural conditions in India cluster play a very important role in the field of research and development. Research it involves the collection, organization, and analysis of information to increase……

The Global South eHealth Observatory

At the time of writing, 95% of the world’s population is covered by a mobile network used by more than seven billion accounts. The internet penetration rate has grown from 6% in 2000 to 43% in 2015, getting 3.2 billion people online. In a context where access to healthcare remains a ..

7 Nepali apps to make women’s lives better

Smartphones are one of the most important gadgets that we use in this modern society that are greatly personalised devices. One can inst..
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Amakomaya is a digital tracking tool that promotes maternal health and safe child birth. Any women who are pregnant or are plann…

Vial to Child

Vial to child is an electronic system developed by Amakomaya for vaccine recording and manangement

Amakomaya Care

Amakomaya Care is an application used by FCHVs and health worker of health post to keep detail record of pregnant mother.

IMU Nepal

IMU (Information Management Unit) is designed to provide right information to right person in right time.

Major Awards & Acheivments

Pakistan 1st international ICT 4D Conference

Achievement: Sustainable Development Through income Generation & Gender Empowerment

Description: Pakistan 1st international ICT 4D Conference 

Internet Society (ISOC) Next Generation Leadership (NGL) program

Achievement: ISOC e-Learning program and awarded ISOC community grant US$ 4000.

With the aid of US$ 4000 Amakomaya Prepared Audio, Video and content for  Myagdi and kaski health post (7 H.P)

Link: https://medium.com/@internetsociety/5-ways-people-bridge-divides-and-build-their-irldream-b7eb5fc92558


Achievement: From APNIC / ISIF Asia aids 25000$ 

Provide android mobile phones to FCHVs in Makwanpur district, 5 H.P

March 30
Read Global Nepal

Achievement: Women in Nepal receive prenatal care via mobile app (Amakomaya).

Link: https://www.readglobal.org/192-amakomaya/

mBillionth Award South Asia 2014

Achievement: M-Health

Description:For creating a mobile platform that takes pregnant women from rural Nepal through pregnancy related information

Link: https://www.mbillionth.in/finalists-2014-m-health/

2017 July 17
The e-health Observatory in the Southern countries is an initiative of the Pierre Fabre Foundation

Achievement Title : Towards an integration of E HEALTH in the public health system.

Description : Amakomaya apps covers all areas of health: maternal-child health, chronic diseases, drugs distribution…

Link : (225) 14 - Rajendra Poudel : Amakomaya - EN - YouTube

2020 January 16
Information Management Unit (IMU)

Achievement: Track Covid patient and CICT

Description: Developed System For health facility hospital/Clinic, During Covid Time.

Link: https: imucovid19.mohp.gov.np/login


Achievement: 65% of vaccinated people are verified. 

Description: Mainly who goes to abroad for Foreign Employment they need Verification paper to work.

Link: https://vaccine.mohp.gov.np/