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Empowering FCHVs at Kathyad, Mugu by implementing Amakomaya.
~ 2019-04-21

Mugu District Coordination Committee (DCC) is located in Province No. 6 of the mid-western Region of Nepal. It borders with Dolpa to east, Bajur to West, Humla and Tibbet to people of Republic of China to the North and Kalikot and Jumla to the south. Mugu lies in the high hills, the lowest elevation point is 1,201 meter and the highest elevation point is 6,717 from sea level. Mugu karnali, Humla Karnali and khatyad are the major rivers in DCC and biggest lake called Rara Tal is also located there. Due to low level of agriculture production, the majority of households face acute food shortage for large part of the year. Total population of Mugu is 55,286 according to 2011 census. Due to geographical conditions and low economic status, low literacy rate also has affected the people, children drop school after class 5 or class 8 mostly. There are some government schools providing free education and some private boarding schools, which has led parents these days to send their children to school rather than farm. 

Amakomaya team went there to implement Amakomaya in Kathyad VDC of Mugu district with the support from Nepal government and UNICEF funding. Every partner, stakeholders and grassroot worker has roles and responsibility to fulfill in order to implement the project and create an impact from project. Seven health post of Kathyad VDC were trained to use amakomaya, each health post includes 9 FCHVs and other health worker. Total 63 mobile sets distributed to FCHVs for data entry and showing pregnancy contents to pregnant mothers and a tablet to health post for reporting, planning and generating digital electronic data of maternal health. 

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