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Relief and Health Camp in Nuwakot
~ 2015-09-24

Relief and Health Camp for mothers, mother-to-be and elderly women.
(By Amakomaya and Patan Academy of Health Science)

2015 April 25, Nepal Earthquake also known as a Gorkha Earthquake of 7.3 magnitude made a huge effect in most of the part of the country. Killed more than 8000, people, more than 16000 people are injured, and thousands of people were made homeless with entire village flattened, across many district of the country.  Katmandu Durbar Square, centuries-old buildings were destroyed in Kathmandu Valley, the Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square respectively. Earthquake has not only inflicted heavy human casualty but dealt a big blow to livestock, poultry and other sectors related to agriculture as well.

Many agencies and personal donor provided relief materials for the victims in the possible area which were accessible to them. Elderly people, pregnant mothers and mothers who has just given birth to their child have high risk during earthquake and the infant babies (under 5 years) as well. Pregnant mothers, infant babies and elderly people are physically and mentally weaker than others during such crisis.  Because of the fear and stress there is a huge chance of miscarriage for pregnant women (5 to 7 months) during the time of Earthquake. As Amakomaya (Mother’s Love) is working in 1 one VDC of Rasuwa and 4 VDCs of Makwanpur and 1 VDC of Chitwan district. Major focus of “Amakomaya (Mother’s Love)” program is to deliver the motivational content to save the life of Mother and infant babies. The program has distributed smart phone with installed “Amakomaya (Mother’s Love)” android apps on it to Female community health volunteers (FCHVs). During this earthquake “Amakomaya” program has given concern to the situation of pregnant mothers and their infant babies. So Amakomaya with this partner agencies Patan Acadamy of Health Science (PAHS) initiatives planned to distribute the relief materials to the pregnant mothers and their infant babies. Of Thulo Gaun and Dada Gaun of Rasuwa district.  It has become a very challenging situation for health workers to provide treatment to all the victims with insufficient medicine and equipment, as health post has collapsed and all the record file were buried and destroyed. It would not have been a problem regarding records and information f all the data were saved in internet.

But amakomaya had the records saved in the server of all the pregnant women. Providing all the data to the health post and conducted health checkup camp for pregnant mothers and infant babies. With an objective of conducting ANC checkup (Ante-Natal Care) for pregnant women, PNC checkup (Post-Natal Care) for childbirth women and normal checkup for any other, team departed towards Manakamana VDC for the help they could provide. And also encouraging mothers for breast feeding.  As a relief, Amakomaya and Patan Academy of Health Science (PAHS) has provided 1.5kg of nutritious food (Sarvattam pitho) for mother or to be mother, sanitary pad and two piece of Dettol soap for mothers. 

May 30th 2015, Health camp was setup in Archela, two (2) wards of Thulo Gaun, one (1) ward of Manakamana VDC, all nine (9) wards of Dada Gaun VDC and three (3) wards of Thulo Gaun was covered in two days. Total 130 women came for checkup from 12 different wards. Amakomaya had collected some general information about the present situation, death of any child under 5 year within this 2 year and information about pregnancy or childbirth. Environmental sanitation, personal hygiene and safe drinking water is also one of the risky factor which may cause epidemic so amakomaya interviewed 61 women to know about such thing in affected area.

In the health camp normal injuries, ANC checkup and PNC checkup or routine checkup went very well. The interesting fact discovered that among 130 women  10 of the women having problem of uterine prolapsed who were already in need of treatment and were treated immediately by Ms. Rashmi Raj upadhaya and Dr. Amit Arial from PAHS.  Women who has been hiding their problem for years were very happy to get treatment and knowledge regarding Uterine.

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