Hepatities B (HBV)

-Hepatitis means inflammation of liver.

-liver is an organ that process nutrients, fibers, blood and fights infection.

Hepatitis B (HCV)

Hepatitis B is a sexually transmissible viral infection that can cause series damage to health.


Incubation period : 50-180 days

Mode of transmission:

  • sexual contact
  • transplacental
  • contact with blood ,stool & saliva
  • sharp razor ,tooth brush 

Risk factor:

  • homosexual/ multiple sex partner.
  • iv drug abuse
  • blood transfusion or organ
  • recipients
  • hemodialysis patient

Sign & symptoms:

  • low grade fever
  • nausea
  • Anorexia
  • Jaundice
  • Hepatomegaly
  • malaise


+Hbsag at 7-14 days after exposure 

Effect on pregnancy


-premature labor


-liver cancer


-still birth

-chance of being infected is 90%

-life long carries of virus

-liver disease and liver cancer


*To mother 

  • Pregnant mother who are exposed to HBV should be vaccinated
  • pregnant mother who are already infected should eat well, get  sufficient rest ,avoid stress and alcohol

*To Neonate

  • infant /neonate should also receive HBV vaccine

Prevention and Health education

  • hepatitis B vaccination
  • Proper use of condoms
  • avoid drug abuse
  • avoid sharing personal equipment’s
  • consider the risk before getting tattoo or piercing
  • for health care workers, babies, safety precaution should be used for sharp instrument






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